“Edmonton needs to be a hub for innovation and growth. For many years we’ve relied on singular industries to guide our growth and development and it’s time we move toward a more diversified economy.  I plan on fighting for a ward that is inclusive, safe, and where families can live, work and play.

Safer & Inclusive Communities

  • Creating communities where you can get around safely; Improving pedestrian safety and traffic controls in our neighbourhoods, increasing police presence where needed, and implementing community safety measures.

  • Deploying Street Labs Programs to customize traffic safety solutions tailored to your neighbourhood.

  • Partner with various community organizations, including neighbourhood watch and Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues to increase public awareness around safety.

  • Work with Edmonton Police Service and ensure they understand the needs of each individual community and allocate resources accordingly.

  • Partner with Alberta Social Services to create localized programs and awareness around existing resources. This means investing in mental health supports and addiction supports that are accessible to residents our Ward and across Edmonton. 

Building Together

  • Collaborating with communities, developers and neighbouring municipalities to ensure equitable access to amenities and infrastructure. 

  • Working with community leagues and residents to create public spaces, designed to be community hubs. This means creating neighbourhoods where you can access all amenities within your own community.

  • Ensure existing public spaces are maintained and accessible to all residents of Ssompitapi. As we enter into pandemic recovery, I am committed to returning to standard services levels across all City services. This includes maintenance of our roads, parks, and public spaces.

  • Increase citizen involvement in public engagement and consultations. Ensure that the public engagement sessions are accessible and equitable, reaching as many residents as possible.

Enriching our Neighbourhoods

  • Enhancing community-mindedness, collaborating more with community leagues by sharing ideas and discussing how to refine and cultivate our neighbourhoods.

  • Ensure existing public spaces are improved, better maintained and accessible to all residents by adding amenities like dog parks, playgrounds, walking parks, seating areas, green spaces, and recreation facilities.

  • Improving access to transit by contiuring to engage with ETS, Council, and residents of Sspomitapi to improve access to transit. This means improving coverage, reducing walking distances, and increasing service levels.

  • Involving communities in city program planning and implementation. Residents know their communities best, and proactively including community engagement should be expanded.

Economic Recovery and Diversification

  • Edmonton is a world-class city and we must continue to invest in our economy, infrastructure, and citizens.​ This means investing in sectors that have long-term financial benefits.

  • COVID-19 has had an impact on the financial health of our city, and post-pandemic recovery is a significant priority. I am committed to bring Edmonton out of the pandemic with a stronger, more sustainable economy.

  • Supporting the entrepreneurial spirit and business mindedness of Sspomitapi and Edmonton by reducing and removing red tape in regards to the permit and licensing application and process times for small businesses.

  • Investing in our growing industries to combat "brain drain" and make Edmonton an innovation hub. This includes supporting the developing technology sector in our city.

  • Great cities that diversify, tapping into new ideas and innovation, prove to persevere in the long run. When we speak about diversification, we need to look at industries that aren’t related to or support oil and gas: health care, health-tech, bolstering a tourism industry, which means investing in a vibrant culture, entertainment and sports scene.