“Edmonton needs to be a hub for innovation and growth. For many years we’ve relied on singular industries to guide our growth and development and it’s time we move toward a more diversified economy.  I plan on fighting for a ward that is inclusive, has reliable, accessible public transport, and where families can live, work and play.

Seniors in our Community


As City Councillor, I submitted an inquiry about Seniors' transit and recreation center rates that I hope will lead to simpler, more affordable access for seniors. Active community participation and independence for travel is a big part of people's ability to "age in place" in the homes they've been most of their lives.


The issue with the LRT has been on the minds of Edmontonians for years, and it's one that needs to be addressed.


We need a city-wide conversation on public transportation. Our residents in ward 12 need to have choices of transportation that are accessible. This includes using already existing infrastructure for park-and-rides and this includes having a conversation with our provincial and federal levels of government to help bolster our city's growing infrastructure needs.


With Ward 12 being the fastest growing ward in Edmonton, we need to get serious about public transport.

Off-leash Park


We have identified areas south of the Henday as high-need areas for off-leash sites, and I'll be fighting to ensure that they are made. There are 40 dog parks in the city, but none in Ward 12.

Diversifying our Economy

Great cities that diversify, tapping into new ideas and innovation, prove to persevere in the long run. When we speak about diversification, we need to look at industries that aren’t related to or support oil and gas: health care, health-tech, bolstering a tourism industry, which means investing in a vibrant culture, entertainment and sports scene. Edmonton needs to be not only be a destination for companies, but for tourists.

Recreation Centre


For the past year, I have been in talks with the City to push for a new Recreation Centre in the South-West of our ward. Our ward needs to accommodate growth and it needs to be a beacon for the rest of the city. Having an amazing facility like a recreation center will help ensure that Ward 12 is a healthy and happy place to live.

Safety and Crime Reduction


While there is no one single determinate in crime reduction, we understand as a city that we need to address crime and safety through multiple channels:


Reduced police response time

Enhanced Neighbourhood

Crime Watch Programs

Increased Signage and ensuring signage is highly visible

Increased Neighbourhood traffic monitoring

Diverting photo-radar revenues into traffic safety measures

More officers on the road.

Building Together


The city of Edmonton needs to building meaningful relationships with neighbouring municipalities. Regional Partnerships are key to our growth and success. As we continue to grow, we must grow together.



Our suburban areas need to support a higher concentration and diversity of uses. The city of Edmonton needs to fight for more density in our suburban areas.

Urban Poverty and Homelessness

The city has a responsibility to invest in human capital, and fight urban poverty in our city. This includes new affordable housing sites, and determining what sites are conducive toward this. My role is to represent the diversity of my ward and ensure that it has high social inclusion and is equitable.