Flashback to last years video! A Proven Leader- Moe Banga

Video from last years By-Election!

RE-ELECT COUNCILLOR MOE BANGA For WARD 12 On Monday, October 16! Why?

✅ Moe Banga serves is currently the councillor for Ward 12! Elected last year in the City By-Election.

✅ Moe has 24 years of experience as a police officer in the Edmonton Police, mostly in the Ward 12 area.

✅ Moe has a proven track record in the community as a volunteer, leader and visionary.

✅ Moe and his family have lived in Ward 12 for over 35 years.

✅ Moe understands the importance of finance, planning and budgeting, at all levels of government, for long-term sustainability.

✅ Moe graduated from The University Of Alberta, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics, in 1991.

Visit www.moebanga.ca for more reasons why you should Vote!

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