May Update

Property Tax Notices

During budget deliberations this past December, Council decided on an annual property tax increase of 2.6 percent through 2020. While Council does reserve the option of reconsidering this increase during supplemental budget deliberation, last week Council voted to keep this number unchanged. As such, the property tax increase for this year has been set at 2.6 percent. However, property owners will actually see a 2.7 percent increase on their property tax bill, as the additional 0.1 percent is based on an estimate of the provincial education tax for 2019.

Property tax notices will be distributed in May and property owners are encouraged to submit their full payment by June 30, to avoid any late penalties. Alternatively, residents can set up a monthly payment plan to pay their taxes monthly, rather than in one annual lump sum.

Traffic Safety

Traffic safety has been a hot topic of discussion these past few weeks. Beyond Council Chambers, many residents have been requesting traffic upgrades in their communities, including crosswalks and traffic signage. Improvements for pedestrian safety are needed in Ward 12, especially given the growth we have experienced.

Last May, Council received a report of a full list of all the pedestrian crossings in need of upgrades. With over 600 identified, City administration applies objective criteria to prioritize upgrades.

With the amount of feedback I have received about traffic safety in our communities, pedestrian safety is a high priority of mine for the budget process. I think that we need to have a more transparent, predictable and responsive funding method in place to ensure the safety of our citizens.

Nagar Kirtan

A reminder to all that you are invited to the Nagar Kirtan Parade! Join us along Mill Woods Road on May 19 at 12:00 pm for Sikhism’s Khalsa Day celebrations!

Finally, I’d like to invite you for a drop-in coffee on Saturday, May 25 from 10 am to noon. I will be at the Ellerslie Tim Hortons on 862 Parsons Road SW to chat with residents about City matters or whatever else!

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