Calcium Chloride’s Icy Reviews

Calcium Chloride’s Icy Reviews

Despite there being no snow or ice in sight, the topic of the use of calcium chloride remains a hot topic in Council. The Snow and Ice Control Policy seeks to guarantee, to the best of our abilities, that our roadways remain safe and accessible during the winter months. Currently, a calcium chloride solution serves as one of the primary anti-icing mechanisms used to ensure that our roads remain clear of snow and ice.

On the use of calcium chloride, I have received feedback from residents who have expressed concerns on the impact the solution has on the integrity of their vehicles, their garage floors and driveways, the environment and our River Valley, and how it will affect our public infrastructure like roads and bridges. Ultimately, these are all concerns that I share. I am troubled by the photos I have received of rusted vehicles and corroded concrete garage floors; stories of withered browned grass on boulevards; and the increasing distrust that residents have in the departments in our municipal government that work to serve them.

I am committed to representing the needs and views of Ward 12, and the residents I was elected by. With Administration slated to provide a further update on the impact of calcium chloride on the environment and infrastructure in August, I remain open to receiving as much information as possible to inform my understanding of calcium chloride. That being said, it is difficult to ignore the public opposition to the use of this solution on our streets. It is obvious from the feedback I’ve personally received from residents and experts alike that using calcium chloride may not be the best approach to clean our roads. In light of public opinion and changing winter weather trends in Edmonton, considering a different approach to Snow and Ice Control may be the best way forward.

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