Speed Limits

Speeding in neighbourhoods is among the biggest concerns I hear about from residents in Ward 12. All neighbourhoods should be safe, livable communities where we can all live, work, and play. Ensuring our roads are safe and accessible is an important part of that.

Reducing the posted speed limits on residential and collector roads has been a change that City Council has been considering for much of the last year. As per the direction of City Council, City Administration is currently outlining what reducing speed limits in residential neighbourhoods to 40 km/h would look like. The reports outlining this change is scheduled to return to the Community and Public Services Committee on February 26, 2020.

In the meantime, more information on what the proposed changes are, what they would look like, and which roads in your area would affect can be found at hwww.edmonton.ca/transportation/traffic_safety/residential-speed-limits.

The City had provided an Estimated Arrival Tool, to help you see how the proposed speed limit reductions would impact your travel times. You can test out how the proposed speed limit changes will impact your regular routes and get a better understanding of how your commute might look under 40 km/h speed limits in residential neighbourhoods.

The February 26 Committee meeting will also serve as a Non-Statutory Public Hearing on the proposed speed limit changes. This means that this meeting will serve as the most important opportunity for residents to share their feedback on speed management with Council. If you are able, I would encourage you to register to speak at the scheduled Committee meeting.

In the meantime, if you have any feedback, concerns, or questions on the proposed speed limit changes, please reach out! Are you in agreement with the reduced speed limits in residential neighborhoods? Opposed? Is there anything specifically you would like the City to do to better address speed management in your community? As residents of Ward 12, it is my duty and responsibility to represent your interests; send me (mohinder.banga@edmonton.ca). Your input will help inform my decision-making on this important issue.

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