Changes Coming to Waste Collection

Changes Coming to Waste Collection

Over the next few months, the City of Edmonton will begin distributing new waste carts to support changes to our waste collection process. Under the new process, all single unit and some multi-unit homes will receive a garbage cart which will be collected biweekly; a food scraps cart, which will be collected weekly in the spring, summer and fall and every two weeks in the winter. Recycling will continue to be collected weekly in blue bags, with no volume limits, and yard waste will be collected twice in the spring and twice in the fall, with no volume limits.

Guided by the City of Edmonton’s 25-year Waste Strategy, the Edmonton Cart Rollout is the first big step in our city’s journey to accomplish 90 per cent waste diversion through a zero-waste framework. As part of the Waste Strategy and new processing facilities that will come onboard this year, we expect to reach approximately 65 per cent single-unit residential waste diversion by 2023. The new service will modernize Edmonton’s waste management system, help keep utility rates stable, improve collectors’ safety and provide more effective processing.

Between March and August of this year, all single unit and some multi-unit homes will automatically receive a large (240L) garbage cart, a regular-sized (120L) food scraps cart and a small food scraps pail. Households who produce less waste can request a smaller (120L) garbage cart at by February 12. By choosing a small cart, residents will save $3.90/month off their utility bill, starting in October 2021.

The most significant change you will notice under this new waste cart system is the need to sort food scraps. Instead of throwing food waste in with the rest of your household garbage, you will now be responsible for collecting it in a small pail that can be set up in the kitchen, and later emptied into a food scraps cart.

As we move to this new cart system, we will also transition from hand collection to automation. Collectors will no longer need to physically grab and throw each garbage bag into their trucks. Instead, a truck with an automated arm will pick up and empty the carts. Blue bag (recycling) collection will continue to be gathered by hand.

The way we deal with our waste as a City today has a significant impact on the future of our community. This new system will help us divert more waste from the landfill while also making waste collection more efficient and safer for collectors. As Edmonton grows to be a city of two million people, the choices and decisions we make to protect our environment, conserve valuable resources, send less waste to landfill and reduce greenhouse gas emissions are more important than ever before.

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