Valley Line Southeast LRT

I know many of you have been eagerly awaiting news on the Valley Line Southeast LRT project. It’s been a long road, as construction began in spring 2016, but the good news is that it’s expected to be up and running later this year. Just last week, we received the 26th and final LRT car that will be used on this line, bringing us one step closer to its completion.

The line will run 13 kilometres from Downtown to Mill Woods, and will feature 11 street-level stops, an elevated station with a 1,300-spot Park and Ride facility, the new Tawatinâ Bridge across North Saskatchewan River, and an interchange point at Churchill Square to access the existing Metro and Capital LRT lines.

The completion of this line is a major milestone in providing more transportation options for residents, reducing congestion on our roads and bringing us another step closer to meeting our climate goals. This line will also allow more of our southeast residents to connect to downtown without worrying about long daily commutes, bringing more people into the heart of our city and creating a vibrant, diverse atmosphere.

I know that Edmonton has had some challenges with LRT functionality. Our City Administration continues to learn from other infrastructure projects, and that work helps to inform future projects. Numerous changes to project management over the past few years are having a positive impact, and I’ve been very pleased with the work being done to date on this line.

The Valley Line Southeast LRT is a critical factor in making sure all Edmontonians can get around the city on public transportation, and I am thrilled that we are another step closer to that reality.

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