"Detective Mohinder (Moe) Banga has taught my grade six class students the D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program for a number of years. My students have related well to his sincere and honest approach, with teaching them fundamentals of resisting drugs and avoiding negative peer pressure. Moe Banga is dedicated and hard-working with students. His kind nature, and genuine interest in helping children made him a popular and well-recognized individual in the community. Many of my students and their families worked along side Moe Banga in various community sports and cultural events. I support Mohinder (Moe) Banga for Ward 12 councillor in the city of Edmonton."

Mr. Dale Mandryk

Teacher, Edmonton Public School Board

"I have known Moe since the early 80's. Moe has always been passionate about the community he lives in. Moe has been a great mentor for me and has assisted me in becoming a police officer. Moe's education and life experience has assisted him in the leadership of several youth to become great professional's. Moe is very trustworthy and has the communities best interest."

Harpreet Dhaliwal

Former Ward 12 Resident

I am pleased to be able to provide this letter of support for Detective/Sergeant Mohinder Banga as he embarks on a run for election as an Councillor in the upcoming Edmonton civic elections.


I have known Mohinder since he has joined the Edmonton Police Service 28 years ago as a fellow police officer and colleague. Further, I came to know Mohinder quite a bit better in his role as an elected Director of the Edmonton Police Association since 2004.


Mohinder started as a fellow Director with the Edmonton Police Association. As I continued my career in the EPS and sought new roles in the Edmonton Police Association, Mohinder was a consistent and solid presence as I assumed the role of Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-President and ultimately the President of the Edmonton Police Association from 2009 to the end of 2015.


I found Mohinder to be a solid and contributing member of my Board of Directors throughout this time period. He was a voice of reason and logic within the Board and always provided sound and valued input to Board discussions and decisions.


Mohinder served on many committees during his time on the EPA Board and could be counted on to do a good job on any task he was asked to perform. His advice was always valued and sound and as he grew within the role and became a senior member of my Board, I highly valued his input.


I believe that Mohinder will be a valuable contributor to the civic scene should he be successful in his run for City Councillor.

A.F. (Tony) Simioni

Executive Director, Edmonton Police Association

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