Moe Banga's Accomplishments & Initiatives 
(By-Election - Present)

Councillor Banga and Mayor Iveson initiated the Anti-racism Framework, which is currently undergoing consultation with the community and cultural groups. The goal is to get all the City efforts under one umbrella and come up with a set of guidelines to support and foster grassroots efforts. 


The wording of the motion was: 


"That Administration prepare and bring forward to City Council, a framework to guide, facilitate and coordinate efforts to support inclusion and eliminate racism in Edmonton. The framework should incorporate: 


1. In what ways the City of Edmonton currently supports, and in the future could support, grassroots and citizen-led anti-racism initiatives. 

2. The actions and results of the work being done within the City, its Boards, and Commissions, to support broader inclusion and community participation. 

3. Recommendations for how the City, and its Boards and Commissions, should work to eliminate systemic racism and discrimination through its policies and strategy implementation.

4. Information on how the City supports staff who experience discrimination and recommendations to enhance safe disclosure. This framework should be built on broad and comprehensive consultation with all relevant stakeholders to define the City’s and community’s roles for this work going forward." 


Traffic Safety


Traffic safety is a continual area of focus as we manage the fast growth of Ward 12. Councillor Banga advocated for upgraded traffic signals and controls at intersections in the ward, including 24 st and 23 ave. Speed monitoring, enforcement in mitigation is taking place in a number of neighbourhoods in Ward 12 as a result of his request to administration. In addition, reflective poles have been installed in many areas around the ward.


Multiculturalism & Seniors Council 


Councillor Banga is on the Multiculturalism ( and Seniors ( Council initiatives. Towards the end of the term, he submitted an inquiry about Seniors' transit and recreation centre rates that he hopes will lead to simpler, more affordable access for seniors. Active community participation and independence for travel is a big part of people's ability to "age in place" in the homes they've been most of their lives.



Opioid Crisis


Councillor Banga personally organized a number of community dialogues about the opioid & fentanyl crisis. The issue's effects have been felt city-wide, and additional training for frontline City staff is part of the solution. Councillor Banga organized the community meetings to build relationships within the medical profession, social workers, and the South Asian community in Edmonton, which has been hit hard by the addiction epidemic.



Off-Leash Dog Park


Below is information about the current state of an off-leash park in the southeast: 


"With the development and approval of the Dogs in Open Spaces Strategy last Spring, a full evaluation of off-leash planning, design and management is currently underway. The Strategy identified significant interest in establishing a new off-leash area in the neighbourhoods south of the Anthony Henday from the public workshops conducted in 2015. The Strategy also recognized a need for the development of a process that will inform the identification and approval of new off-leash sites. The City is currently working on a10-year Implementation Plan that will align with the recommendations in the Strategy and current City practices to enhance the current off-leash program. During the development of this plan, all requests for new off-leash areas will be recorded and revisited once a process has been approved.


Areas south of the Henday have been identified as high need areas for off-leash sites, which Councillor Banga will work to fulfill in his first full term. 





Recreation, is a personal passion for Moe Banga and will look to help hold up the mantle for departing Councillor Anderson. The Scottish Society is hoping to add a full sized indoor soccer pitch in the southeast, to help accommodate players with the popularity of the sport.





Homelessness, at least according to the not wholly reliable homeless count, has decreased 24% between 2014 and 2016 (1,700). Affordable housing is in high demand, especially with the economic downturn. 6,000 families are on the wait list for Capital Region Housing Corporation. However Provincial and Federal housing strategies are coming into force, which can help Edmonton meet this demand. The City is considering a 10% target of subsidized housing for all neighbourhoods, currently, the average in Ward 12 is about 0.6%, while some neighbourhoods in Downtown are over 50%. 



Alberta Urban Municipalities Association


Councillor Banga is on the Board of Directors for the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association, representing the City of Edmonton. The AUMA works to align the goals and lobbying of all Alberta's municipalities to improve quality of life for all urban Albertans.